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El sendero en invierno


These lands have an inland Mediterranean climate, with a certain influence from the Atlantic Ocean that increases toward the west. Summers are normally hot and dry, while winters tend to be wet and relatively cold. Given its location in a depression, over 100 metres below the fluvial plain, Ciudad Rodrigo has a microclimate that makes it slightly warmer than other parts of the trail.

The path is continuously changing, and even when we retrace our steps, even on the same day, the experience will be different. If this is the case on just a single day, one can only imagine what happens throughout the year. The following are each season’s highlights, with their pros and cons.

Together with the autumn, this may well be the best season for doing the trail..

In favour:
• Green and blossoming meadows
• Pleasant temperatures
• Territorial bird songs and the greatest diversity of species
• Birds migrating
• Invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians become active again after hibernating
• Soft lighting and colours for photographs

• Muddy conditions
• Full rivers and streams
• Relatively few hours of daylight
• Disturbing wildlife during the breeding season

In favour:
• Sun, heat
• Long days
• Dry underfoot
• Rivers and streams with little water
• Diversity of wildlife

• Midday heat
• Dry, arid landscape
• Numerous mosquitoes, especially among oak trees
• Dusty conditions
• Very bright light at midday, not good for photos
• Possibility of storms

In favour:
• Mild temperatures
• Golden and ochre landscapes
• Wild berries and mushrooms
• Migrating birds
• Activity of amphibious vertebrates
• Soft lighting for photos
• Autumn migration of spiders
• Ants in flight

• Muddy conditions
• Unpredictable weather. Storms, wind, rain.
• Full rivers and streams
• Relatively few hours of daylight

In favour:
• Peace and quiet
• Green and ochre landscapes
• Bright clear days
• Soft lighting, highly appropriate for photos
• Concentration of birds in sheltered areas
• Wintering birds
• Bare trees (birds more visible)

• Short days
• Cold, ice, snow, fog
• Bare trees
• Few insects, amphibians and reptiles
• Risk of encountering hunters


Text and Photos: Juan Carlos Zamarreρo Domνnguez - Other images: files and publications held by the local councils of Almeida and Ciudad Rodrigo and by the Cross-border Consortium of Walled Cities [Consorcio Trasfronterizo de Ciudades Amuralladas].
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