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• Take your rubbish with you and separate it into the different containers in the villages. And if you pick up any other rubbish you find on the way... Thank you very much!
• Keep the noise down and talk quietly. This will help you to hear the sounds of the landscape and see more animals from the path.
• Give way on the trail. Normally, the order of priority is: hikers-riders-cyclers. The trail is a great place to meet people.
• If you are on foot, walk on the left along stretches of road. If you are on a bike, be aware of pedestrians. Make the trail a place to be enjoyed in company.
• If you are riding a bike, go carefully and try not to skid, especially when the ground is soft, as this may contribute to soil erosion. Soil is a natural resource that does not renew itself over the short term, as it takes many years to form.
• Keep to the path and respect the private property on each side of it. If you meet people on the trail, make the most of the opportunity to have a chat. Make haste the only waste you leave behind.
• Remember that crops have an owner, and respect livestock. If you come across a flock, try to stand apart and don’t make any sudden gestures that might scare the animals.
• Buy fresh produce in local shops, preferably with little packaging. This will help these services to survive and reduce the amount of waste.
• Enjoy the countryside. One way of getting to know these lands— and your health will benefit— is to try the local produce. If you look at the crops and the livestock beside the path this will give a hint of what to eat to “savour” the landscape.


Text and Photos: Juan Carlos Zamarreño Domínguez - Other images: files and publications held by the local councils of Almeida and Ciudad Rodrigo and by the Cross-border Consortium of Walled Cities [Consorcio Trasfronterizo de Ciudades Amuralladas].
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